“Loved, love”

Amalia Castillo is a gifted yet tormented physics vlogger turned celebrity influencer who travels back to 1994 seeking the truth about her parents’ disappearance linked to an assassination conspiracy of a popular Mexican presidential candidate. Her pursuit of the truth collides with an indelible yet impossible love—forcing her to resolve questions that not only haunt her but could trouble a country for decades.

NPR and The Los Angeles Times referred to 1994 Mexico as “the year of living dangerously in Mexico.” 

The project’s intent is both to entertain and transform its audiences. The storyline combines elements of drama, mystery, romance, and humor coupled with time travel and a backdrop of historical fiction—a feature film that explores one woman’s search for truth and purpose and, importantly, the discovery of an indelible yet impossible love—intangibles that go beyond time and space and, in some ways, illustrate our whole reason for being. Note: The working title was changed from “Indelible” in October 2022.

Si vis amari, ama. Projected production date: Spring 2024 in Austin and San Miguel de Allende.

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