W orking from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, and Austin, I’m an award-winning Mexicana filmmaker writing and producing live-action feature and documentary films. I’m starting to shop my most recent project, If You Want to be Loved, Love, a live-action feature film that I’ve written and will produce—created to appeal to a broad, cross-cultural audience.

My experience includes producing documentary content for PBS, BBC, and the Discovery Channel, and a number of independent projects, for nine years from San Francisco. I won the Ariel (Mexico’s equivalent to the Oscar) in 2008 for best-animated feature production for La Leyenda de la Nahuala (2007), which continues to be a classic on Netflix. The film influenced a series that was acquired by Disney in 2021. Universal Pictures distributed two other features—one live-action, Todo Incluido / All Inclusive (2009) and the other 2D animation, Nikté (2009).

The first documentary that I solo produced No Turning Back (1994) was shot on location in Chiapas, Mexico, focusing on the genesis of the Zapatista movement. In 2020, The New Yorker named Lourdes Portillo´s The Devil Never Sleeps (1995) as one of the 62 films that have shaped the art of documentary filmmaking. (Lourdes was my mentor and this was the first film I helped produce.)

As a single parent, I stepped off the train for several years to raise three kids: Pablo (22), Pedro (22), and Amalia (20). They’re college students studying business, film, and aerospace engineering, respectively.

I also serve as an adjunct film professor and advisor at Monterrey Institute of Technology.

For a look at my journey frame-by-frame, check out my Timeline.

La Leyenda de la Nahuala
Best Animated Production
Currently on Netflix (July 2022)